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playing standards

We are proud of our culture at the Giants and want to continue to uphold the inclusive, fun and community feeling of the club at all times. In order to set expectations of players whenever they are representing the club we have set the standards below:


  • TeamApp: Availability must be set in TeamApp for both training and match days as early as possible. Squads will be selected from TeamApp availability and if you are not indicating you are available you will not be selected.

  • Attendance: Attendance at all trainings is expected however it is understood it is not practical for everyone to attend every session.

  • Non-Attendance: Update TeamApp (do not message in one of the group chats) as soon as you can. If you cannot regularly commit to a certain training day/period, discuss this with one of the coaches so they are aware.


Team Selection

  • Selection: Squads will be selected on a number of factors and it will not always be possible to pick everyone available. The immediate goal is to ensure that everyone plays the minimum required games (2) to be eligible for finals. There will be disappointment on missing out which is unavoidable: if you have questions, discuss them directly with your team coach.

  • Emergency selection: If you are selected as an emergency (i.e. outside the first 24 for the match) you are expected to be available and turn up as though you were selected. Emergencies are critical to replace last minute injuries and unavailabilities.

  • Finals Selection: We will try to ensure everyone is eligible for finals (i.e. have played 2 or more regular season games) and will be selecting the strongest squad possible for finals of those available.


Match Day

  • First or only game at ground: Arrive 1 hour prior to the scheduled bounce time.

  • Playing before another Giant’s team at the same ground: It is an expectation that players will stay around to support the other team.

  • Playing after another Giant’s team: Arrive at or before the other team’s bounce time.


Match Play

  • Tough but fair: We do not get involved in unsportsmanlike behavior on or off the field and we look after our own players within the rules of the game at all times.

  • Respect for Umpires: We will accept and respect the umpire's decisions at all times.

  • Respect for coaches and captains: Listen to the coaching team and follow their instructions whether this is during a break or via a runner: it is never acceptable to talk back or ignore a member of the coaching staff.

  • Fun: We are here to win but we are also here to have fun and enjoy footy. No matter the situation we will look for the positives to build on and support each other off and on the field.


Post Matches

  • Home games: We will ensure all rubbish is collected, gear packed away and that it is delivered and stored back at the Pyro. Volunteers for bar, goal umpiring, scoreboard, time-keeping, BBQ, etc will also be required.

  • Away games: We will support the hosting clubs by staying around at the ground for matches post ours and head back to their pubs/supporting venues post match where practical.

  • Breast & Fairest/Players Player and Dick of the Day: These are done to recognise heroic moments on the field and acknowledge those we can laugh about afterwards. These are voted by the entire playing group and will be done in the spirit they are intended.

Inclusivity and Diversity

  • As a Giants member we all have a responsibility to embrace and promote inclusivity and diversity.

  • We should all seek to empower and include all people regardless of gender, sexuality, race, religion, faith or ability. 

  • All Club members have a responsibility to challenge discriminatory behaviour and promote equality of opportunity.

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