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Round 10: Giants Men's vs North London Lions

Kicking off the day, the men's knew they were already guaranteed to make finals however their opposition were fighting for their season with the result between Sussex and Demons close prior to kick off. Unavailability's meant Lions had to play short but they did this to give them a legitimate chance to making finals should other results not go their way. Giants were up for it and with an extended bench they gave it everything on the field.

Closely contested match however Giants always had their noses in front and were too good in the end. Extremely difficult conditions with wind, rain and the odd bit of sun making it challenging to execute the usual game plan but the lads stood up and confirmed their 2nd place finish for the season. A mouth watering fixture in week 1 of the finals playing Demons at home for a chance at a place in the Grand Final.

Giants: 6.9 45

Lions: 5.5 35

Goals: Boomer, Browny, SC, Scooby, Luke (Shoey), Harry (Shoey)

Boat Race: Giants combined

Players Player: Chips (a 5 way tie decided by another can deletion)

Kuzzy of the Day: Benny (eyes on the ball)

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