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Round 10: Giants Women's vs North London Lions

With everything to play for, Giants knew nothing less than their best would do against the Lions. Playing in horrendous summer conditions it was a fiercely contested match. The pressure applied from the midfield was unreal, any lose ball was jumped on immediately and forced the Lions to work extremely hard for their goals.

As they always do, the Giants held firm and repelled the Lions attacks eventually kicking away thanks to some impressive goal kicking at the Pyro end in the fourth quarter. Massively deserved result and puts us in 3rd place for the regular season, setting up an elimination final appearance in week 1 of finals against Wildcats.

Giants: 5.3 33

Lions: 2.0 12

Goals: Janis, Massie, Hyner, Saskia (Shoey), Lex (Shoey)

Boat race: Giants in a combined effort

Breast & Fairest: Saskia & Lex

Dayna of the Day: Joe (don't mess with the Veronicas vibes)

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