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Round 2: Giants Men's vs London Swans

After getting a small taste of footy in our intraclub match the week before, to say the boys were itching to get out there this week, was an understatement.

Right from the first whistle the boys were switched on and ready to play footy, with our new-look engine room consistent of Nick in the ruck, plus Panda & Twain on the ball, making an immediate impact early. Along with Benny in there, they set the tone with their relentless attack and pressure at the footy, and with just a hint of footy nouse, Benny even ended up getting on the end of a centered, forward ball to get the giants first on the board.

Following this the swans did come back at us early, but thanks to the diligence of our backline, led strongly by our newly appointed Vice Captain Stu, the swans had a tough time getting any ball into their forward 50. Keeping the Swans Goal-less right up to the first break.

The second quarter saw a lot of the same, with rotations coming through the midfield allowing us to keep much of our run and intensity at the contest, without losing any of our pressure or tenacity that had helped us gain the ascendency that we had. With Scoobs, Gus and Conor Ryan all having their time in the middle, there was no reprieve for the swans who had to battle with the ball in Giants forward 50 for most of this quarter. Both Daddy Geoffo and Conor Ryan got to take advantage of this in the second, piling on another couple of goals and extending our advantage.

At half time a few changes had to be made, losing to injury both Nick, who had been potentially our toughest competitor to this point, and Geoffo who had been owning the forward line. This saw some more midfield exposure to our player of the finals series 2023, Patrick, but more impressively, another debutant in Rhys Williams, stood up to make the ruck post his own. Rhys continued to give the Giants first use of the ball in the midfield allowing us to keep the pressure on and the ball inside our forward 50. Without Geoffo however, there were a few less clunks in the forward line this quarter, which really brought our smaller forwards into the game. Luke was instrumental in this role, with his pressure directly resulting in multiple goals across this period. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to convert when given his own opportunity, but that will come later this season, I’m more than sure! Potentially the biggest surprise however, was seeing Pitbull sneak up from his regular home at fullback to capitalise on a loose ball in the goalsquare, to get onto his first ever Giants goal! And at this point, the Orange Tsunami was in full force.

With a commanding lead at ¾ time, and a few wounded soldiers on the bench now, we had the opportunity to move some more of the magnets around. Chip definitely made the most of this, getting his hand on plenty of the pill in the last, and linking up with Stu for some more, relentless, Giants forays forward. Even Gus found himself getting on the end of a couple at this stage. But someone definitely spread the word around that it was party-time in the last quarter, as Dan, the last of our debutants, made it rain! Snapping goal-of-the-day over his shoulder from about 30m, after turning his opponent inside out, was delightful to watch. Only to be outdone by coach Booms soaring above a pack (that some say was 7 people deep) not 5min later, to clunk a grab out of the clouds. That pre-season vertical leap training must have really paid off for the old fella.

All in all however, it was an absolute ripping effort from the Giants Men’s team that had no passengers on the day. Blooding 7x debutants that all looked as comfortable in Orange & Black as Glen Boss did atop Makybe Diva at Flemington. But to come away as 90 point victors is one thing, but to do it with the discipline and belief in each other that they showed, Gee Whiz I’m excited to see where their season can go!

London Swans: 0.3 3

Giants: 14.10 94

Goals: Boomer (4), Geoff (2), Gus (2), Joe, Beau, Benny, Conor, Daniel (shoey), Pitbull (shoey)

Boat Race: Hawks (3-way race)

Players Player: Boomer

Dick of the Day: Panda

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