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Round 5: Giants Men's vs Wandsworth Demon's

An early start and a bitterly cold June day out at Clapham saw us take on the only other undefeated team in the comp, the Wandsworth Demons. Debuts from Sammy and JC, this fixture is always a true test of where we are at as a team.

A slow start saw us go behind by a few early goals but we adjusted brilliantly towards the end of the first quarter and stopped the flow of scoring despite the Demon's having the wind at their backs. The second quarter was typified with a real captains goal from Boomer in to the wind got us the momentum back before a few soft goals late in the quarter to keep the Demons ahead.

With Matty Kemp slotting a lovely goal on the run and Panda finally finding his range we started to put some scoreboard pressure and had the run of the match going in to the final quarter. A long injury delay for concussion left us with too much to do and not enough time as the Demon's shut up shop and showed why they will remain as premiership favourites.

A huge step forward and proof we are building nicely in to the run for finals.

Demons: 7.6 48 

Giants: 5.1 31

Goals: Boomer, Gus, Cheeks (shoey), Panda (shoey), Browny (honorary shoey)

Boat Race: Giants

Players Player: Scooby

Perty of the Day: CD

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