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Round 6: Giants Women's vs Sussex Swans

With a spot in the top 4 and finals potentially on the line we went in to this game knowing nothing less than a win would be what we needed. The women's team have been training the house down in recent weeks and as a group it was clear that something special was brewing. Sussex Swans women play in the premiership division and in our history we have never beaten them - until now.

An immense effort throughout, both teams fought hard and competed right to the final whistle. Down 3 to 7 with a minute left, one final effort saw a fantastic team goal finished off by Hyner on the line to deliver a memorable victory. A fantastic start to the day and set the tone for the men's team to secure the Community Cup which would also be a clubs first.

Giants: 1.3 9

Sussex: 1.1 7

Goals: Hyner

Boat Race: Sussex

Breast & Fairest: Janis & Brookesy

Dick of the Day: Molly

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