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Elimination Finals: Giants Women's vs Wandsworth Demon's

The second match of the day for the Giant’s was the women’s elimination final against the Wandsworth Demons - a formidable outfit who hadn’t suffered a defeat at the hands of the Giants for years.

Despite having lost to the Demons just weeks prior to the final, our women were far from intimidated by the ‘do or die’ task before them.

Being the underdogs, SELG played with reckless abandon, approaching the game with a sense of freedom only afforded to teams with nothing to lose.

The game got underway with the orange and black kicking down-wind and despite some early inaccuracy, the squad was able to put a major through and come into the first break ahead. The second term was an arm wrestle, with both sides struggling to score but the Giants took the chocolates heading into the main break after keeping the Demons goalless with the wind.

Ahead of the ‘Premiership quarter’ the message was simple - give it everything you’ve got. Clearly, this sentiment resonated with the squad, led by the likes of Susie Carr, Ellie Hyner and a ferocious Lucy Massie, SELG put together arguably its strongest half of the season.

Goals came one after another, with the wind and without, leading the women to an impressive five goal victory and the opportunity to contend for a Grand Final spot against the West London Wildcats.

A special mention must go to Shani, as despite it being her final run around of the season, our stalwart winger went out on a high, putting together her finest performance in Giants colours to date.

As for the rest of the squad, the six day turnaround will see them play-off against the Cats in a Preliminary final at Hackney Marshes on Saturday. UTFG!

Giants: 4.8 32

Demons: 0.3 3

Goals: Ginge 1, Tuddy 1, Steve 1, Hyner 1

Boat Race: NA

Breast & Fairest: Bella

Dick of the Day: Shyner

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