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Preliminary Final: Giants Men's vs Ealing Emu's (Wildcats)

An early start out in Hackney saw the Giant’s men take on the Ealing Emu’s in a replay of last years elimination final and looking repeat the effort of the 2014 Giant men who made it through to a grand Final.

It was a hotly contested first quarter with the emu’s getting off to a quick start with 2 early goals. Irish Conor was big in the middle putting on some big tackles early with Kepmy and Scooby looking dangerous as small forward’s creating a number of chances. Unfortunately we couldn’t convert and went into the first break trailing 12-3.

The second quarter saw the dominance of the Giants. Stinga and CD rebounding strongly off half back. Pat providing his trademark runs from CHB leading to a few shots and converting the first goal. Joe and Gus were strong providing run through the middle. Even with the dominance we were struggling to convert and went into the half locked at 12 -12.

The Giants again started strong at the start of the second half peppering the goals. Boomer and Mike were providing strong contests up forward all day against tough competition with Mike managing to slot our second goal taking a 10 point lead. A few lapses in concentration late in the quarter saw that lead quickly evaporate with the Emu’s kicking 2 late goals to go into the last quarter leading 26-22.

The last quarter was up for grab and saw the Emu’s come out the stronger to kick 3 early goals. All the boys never dropped their heads and kept fight to the end with boomer slotting a goal in the last but it wasn’t quite enough and we couldn’t peg back the emu’s lead. Emu’s running out winners 45-28.

A disappointing end to a fantastic season saw a number of new players blooded, both Aussie’s and rest of the world which is exciting. This will only make us hungrier for next year and a chance to go further than this year.

Bigger and better next year. Be Giant.

Giants: 3.10 28

Emus: 7.3 45

Goal Kickers: Mike 1, Pat 1, Boomer 1

Boat Race: NA

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