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Round 2: Giants Women's v West London Wildcats

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Round 2 saw us travel to Dukes Meadows to take on the Wildcats 2's. While the men's had a bye, they made the trip out to cheer on our women on as they put up a big score against the second Wildcats team despite the early start and train strikes. A move to the ruck saw a massive performance from Ellie Hyner consistently getting us on to the front foot. A "hat-trick" (and first goal scorer) from Lucy Massie, a brace from Alex Stephens and a sausage roll each for Elise Bickley and the original Chloe Sharman capped off the day.

The implementation of the zone was pitch perfect and Wildcats couldn't get it out of their own half for the majority of the game with Helen Hughson calling for the long sleeves after a quiet cold morning in the backline. Always in control we kicked away and put on a score in an excellent display of football.

Giants: 7.12 54

Wildcats: 1.2 8

Boat Race: N/A ... It was a 9am bounce!

Breast & Fairest: Ellie Hyner

Dick of the Day: Emily Rimmington

Never skip mussel day kids ;)

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