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Round 3: Giants Men's vs North London Swans

The men’s giants kicked of the season against the London Swans on a sunny and blustery day on the Rye. Exciting to see a handful of new players running out for the Giants.

The first quarter started with the swans getting off to a flying start with an early goal with the wind. After that first goal the Giants started getting into the game with Boomer hitting up Gus for the first major. Difficult conditions against the wind the quarter ended up 8-8.

From the start of the second the Giants started to take control with Ben slotting his first major from outside 50 then Boomer and Beau popping up for goals. Matty Allen solid in defence difficult to get past all day. A highlight of the quarter Pitbull bombing one from a kick-in and hitting Benny in the centre circle. Geoff popped up for his first major with a quick snap and at half time Giants went in leading 33-9.

Another tight tussle in the 3rd against the wind. Defence was looking solid with CD hitting the ball hard and Matty Pert solid overhead. Gazza and Brad were working hard all quarter from the forward flank and wing providing options with Brad. Clint looking strong in the ruck and around the ground. Boomer slotted his second major late in quarter and the Giants finished up the quarter leading 40-16.

A fast start to the last quarter saw Scooby rove a boundary throw in and snap straight through the middle. Matty Kemp was looking dangerous up forward. Goal sneak Andy Simmo dribbled through a nice goal for the second of the quarter. The always reliable Geoff putting through his second and Gus another soon after that. The final score saw the giants get up 68-22 against a tough swans side.

Giants: 10.8 68

Swans: 3.4 22

Goal Kickers: Boomer 2, Geoff 2, Gus 2, Beau 1, Scooby 1, Ben 1, Andy 1

Boat Race (combined): Swans by a nose

Players Player: Ben Hislop

Dick of the Day: Bradley Kent

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