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Round 3: Giants Women's vs North London Swans

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Our third match of the season saw the women’s perfect record on the line, faced with the daunting task of toppling the also undefeated London Swans.

Although this matchup resulted in a considerable defeat last season, with a shield to retain the girls refused to be intimated - led by fill-in skipper Alex Stephens.

An inauspicious start against the wind saw the Giants meet quarter time with their backs against the wall, but as they always do - the team stood up.

The final three quarters brought with them some of the most impressive football this squad has played. Emma Brookes and Lucy Massie once again proved their mettle, providing relentless fight from the midfield. Vice Captain Karli Smith deserves all the plaudits for keeping us in the game from half back and it would be unfair to neglect the quality finishing on display from Ellie Hyner for their first goal.

Despite all the hard work culminating in a 16-point loss, the close margin combined with the men's win secured retention of the famous Battle of the Bridge Shield.

With several tough opponents on the horizon in the coming weeks, our women should feel confident in their capabilities to rattle the bones of even London’s strongest premiership outfits.

Giants: 2.4 16

Swans: 4.6 30

Goal Kickers: Marianna Graham (1st) 1, Ellie Hyner 1

Boat Race (combined): Swans by a nose

Breast & Fairest: Karli Smith

Dick of the Day: Lucy Massie

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