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Round 5: Giants Women's vs West London Wildcats (Prems)

Round 5 saw the Giants meet AFL London’s premier women’s outfit - the West London Wildcats. The reigning premiers are familiar with two things - winning and doing so convincingly.

What they are less familiar with however, is conceding goals and being met with relentless pressure and immeasurable effort for four quarters - something our Giants achieved.

The squad put together one of its strongest performances to date, forcing the Wildcats to bring their absolute best. Shoutouts must go to Ellie Hyner and Alyssa Tuddenham for each scoring a major, something both women are getting used to. It was great having the skipper Susie Carr back to full fitness and she showed everyone why she has become one of England’s most highly touted stars, putting in a heroic display.

Our tandem of Chloes, both old (Sharman) and new (White), are also deserving of recognition for they’re fearlessness when taking on the opposition and backing themselves to play positive footy.

Overall, although the scoreboard didn’t go our way, everyone left the ground with their heads held high and full of pride. With some big games on the horizon, the squad has never looked stronger.

An emotional farewell to one of our best in their first season - Elise "Syd" Bickley - who has had an unbelievable start to her AFL London career. We wish you all the best, you will always be a Giant!

Giants: 2.1 13

Wildcats: 11.9 75

Goal Kickers: Ellie Hyner 1 (1st), Alyssa Tuddenham 1

Boat Race (combined): Wildcats by a half pint

Breast & Fairest: Susie Carr & Nicole Low

Dick of the Day: Claudia Kwok

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