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Round 7: Giants Men's vs Reading Kangaroos

The trip our West to Reading saw us take on the Kangaroos in a chance to solidify our spot in the top 2. Reading being desperate needing a win to keep their finals hopes alive, we knew we would be in for a tough match.

Giants got off to a good start kicking 3 goals and having the lions share of possession. Geoff Mackay getting us off to the perfect start kicking his first for the day. The forward pack was thirsty for goals but missed a few opportunities to convert majors.

The second quarter saw some defensive lapses with numbers pushing forward looking for goals and leaving the defence out numbered. The team learnt from their mistakes however and this was the only quarter where Reading were able to put on a score for the rest of the game. Christian Mayle getting heavily involved and unlucky to hit the post but the warning signs were there kicking 2 for the day which could easily have been more.

In the third the game opened up and goal sneak Geoff Mackay found an unmarked John Stonehouse near the goal square to gift the current president a shot at goal from close range which he duly put through the big sticks. Some big forward pressure from Beau Edwards was rewarded with another goal and the result was put to bed.

The fourth saw Will Clarke take a screaming mark in the forward 50 and the double pistols from Andrew Simankowicz giving him his second goal of the game and a double shoey to follow after the siren. Chances for shoey's also went to Damien Pedley who's effort fell just short. A debut from Saeed El-Ashkar showed lots of promising things to come, causing the Roo's some headaches in defence.

Reading family and "freinds" day was a resounding success with lots of kids getting involved in the slip and slide as well as a BBQ to rival that of Susie Carr and Emma Brookes. The sticky floor of the Reading Walkabout the perfect place to round out a great day and an important win to keep the chance of top 2 alive.

Giants: 11.9 75

Reading: 1.1 7

Goal Kickers: Geoff Mackay 2 (1st), Christian Mayle 2, Will Clarke 2, Ben Hislop 1, Mark Tauzon 1 Conor Ryan 1, John Stonehouse 1, Joseph Arthur 1

Boat Race: A slip and slide, soapy affair the Kangaroos had the home knowledge to come home with the victory

Players Player: Will Clarke

Dick of the Day: Geoff Mackay

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